About the role

We are looking for a talented backend engineer to join our growing team, lead our platform architecture and ship multiple features at a rapid frequency and high efficiency. This is a unique opportunity to make a significant impact at the core of our product, and become an integral part of its realization.

What you'll do

  • Build the backbone of the Edge platform​

  • Implement new features from architecture design, through UI to backend and database​

  • Work in Ruby on Rails, React and JS environments and deliver top quality products ​

  • Develop in an agile, fast paced environment, having direct impact on the product trajectory​

  • Take full responsibility and ownership over features and projects, collaborating with all teams, and helping us meet business objectives​

  • Mentor, pair, and delegate work to encourage the professional and technical growth of those around you

We're looking for someone with

  • 5+ years experience contributing to production applications and teams​

  • Deep understanding of RESTful APIs​

  • Experience working with and modeling data abstractions on top of a RDMS like PostgreSQL or MySQL​

  • Experience with modern JS (ES6) and CSS (SASS)​

  • Familiarity with other languages and a strong sense when they are the right tool for the job​

  • Experience with Git and GitHub/GitLab using related workflows

  • ​Ability to work remotely (as the team is part remote)

About us

In our platform we're enabling a whole new experience for gamers, creating a nearly limitless stream of custom game content, designed in various formats, boosted by unique personalization and involving creators and their communities.

We are welcoming talented members who wish to make an impact and take part in ambitious and challenging projects. Our goal is to foster excellence, both individual and communal, through our core principles of solving problems, learning fast, being autonomous and delivering with the best execution.
Our team includes world-class experts in the intersection of gaming, digital entertainment & performance science. From cognitive psychology PhDs to elite Esports players, game modders, data hackers, machine learning geeks and Twitch creators - we're comprising a diverse team with an outstanding experience and proven track record in various successful companies.

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Tel-Aviv (Hybrid) • Senior • Full-time