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Full Time  |  Tel Aviv  |  Senior

A Senior Full-Stack Developer to join our team in building the next generation of gaming entertainment and gamers experience.

Our deep technology analyzes gamers' cognitive and tactical behavior and integrates their profile into the game's NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) to make them behave, make decisions, and act like any specific gamer.

In our platform we're enabling a whole new experience for gamers where they can relive specific highlight moments of their idols, play challenges against friends, train and enhance their skills, join elite eSports academies, and enjoy any game with endless possibilities to play.

Our team includes world-class Cognitive Psychology PhDs, Elite eSport gamer and outstanding technology and product teams with more than 16 years of experience and proven track record of successful companies.

In your position, you will:

  • Build Edge Gaming platform backbone

  • Implement new features from architecture design through UI to backend and database

  • Work on React and JS environments and deliver top-quality products 

  • Work in agile, fast paced environment, while having an impact on EdgeGaming business growth

  • Take full responsibility and ownership over features and projects, collaborating with the product team, Cognitive Psychology PhDs and Pro-gamers


  • 6+ years experience contributing to production applications and teams

  • 4-5+ years of relevant production experience developing with React \ Javascript

  • Experience in working on the front-end and the back-end

  • You’re comfortable working with and modeling data abstractions on top of a RDMS like Postgresql or MySQL

  • Experienced with modern JS (ES6) and CSS (SASS)

  • You’re able to work remotely (as the team is part remote)

  • Experience with Git and GitHub/GitLab using related workflows

  • You have opinions about other languages and when they’re the right tool for the job


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