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Challenge #2: Banjo Vertigo Ace

challenge #2 banjo - website.png

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Running: 30.5 - 6.6
This Vertigo clutch is a lovely example of anticipation skills and precision. Let's see how fast you do it and with how many headshots!
We've got a prize pool which is totally knife-worthy 😉

1st:  Shadow Daggers | Tiger Tooth (minimal wear)

2nd: Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT (minimal wear)
3rd: Navaja Knife | Scorched (field-tested)
4th: AK-47 | Asiimov (minimal wear)
5th: P250 | Undertow (minimal wear)
6th - 20th: Winter Offensive case + key

(clip of original play)

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Vote now to decide which of these 4 top clutches from week #1 we should make into a playable!

The candidates:

RAALS 4 Kills & 3 Headshots (Sprout vs Tricked)

XELLOW 4 Kills (Ecstatic vs Masonic)

Furlan 4 Kills (X-KOM AGO vs ENTERPRISE)

Queenix 4 USP-S Kills (Masonic vs X-KOM AGO)



Challenges schedule

Challenge #1:
23.5 - 30.5

k1to 1 vs 3 Deagle clutch
Prize pool: $400

Challenge #2:
30.5 - 6.6

Banjo Vertigo Ace
Prize pool: $400

Challenge #3:
28.6 - 1.7

Your pick from the best clutches of the first 2 weeks
Prize pool: $500

Challenge #4:
11.7 - 15.7

Your pick for the best tournament clutch
Prize pool: $800


Challenge #1: k1to 1vs3 Deagle Clutch

1st:  Wildfire AWP
2nd: Redline AK 47
3rd: Hyper Beast AWP
4th: Redline AWP
5th: Chantico's Fire M4A1-S
6th - 20th: Gamma 2 case + key

Challenge #2: Banjo Vertigo Ace

You? Go play 🤟✌️

chanticos fire m4a1s.png
redline awp.png
redline ak47.png
hyper beast awp.png
wildfire awp.png
gamma 2 case.png

use code "ELISA22"