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With 1 click - make your "wow" plays into mini-games that everyone can play - your friends, followers and the world

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Your play -> game in 30 seconds

We've built a revolutionary "cut & play" technology for game content.

Capture your gameplay highlights and instantly make them into a "Playable" - an actual game "chunk" that others can play.

Then attach skill 💪 (or fun 🤩) challenges and invite your friends and followers to replay your move & compete around it. 

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Share, play, compete

From 🔫 skill challenges to 🎁 perk hunts to 🌪️ speed runs to 🧩 custom puzzles to

😈 meme-drills and beyond, every Playable is a social game chunk.

Share them with your friends, drop 'em in your stream & social feeds or post to your favored communities - it's all about connecting through gameplay moments.

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For gaming creators

Playables are 🧨 for creators.

Link them in your streams, videos, tweets and posts and invite your community to engage around continuous challenges, earn points and claim rewards.

Interested to learn more about our creator program? drop us a note.

EDGE Gaming for creators

We're currently in closed beta

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We're hiring

Come and build with us the future of gaming:

Creator-driven, social, endlessly entertaining